Buffalo Jerky & Sticks

Get premium buffalo jerky and buffalo sticks here! Choose from a variety of different spices. We have much more jerky where that came from! Just browse the site and choose one that you like.

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  • single_buffalojerkychipotlegarlic

    Buffalo Chipotle & Garlic Flavored Jerky

  • Zick's Hot Buffalo Sticks

    Buffalo Hot Sticks 8oz pack

  • Buffalo Mild Stick

    Buffalo Mild Stick

  • 3oz_buffalomildstick

    Buffalo Mild Sticks 3 oz

  • Zick's Mild Buffalo Sticks

    Buffalo Mild Sticks 8oz pack

  • single_buffalospicy

    Buffalo Spicy Pepper Flavored Stick

  • 3oz_buffalosweetpep

    Buffalo Sweet Pepper Jerky 3oz pack

  • single_buffalojerkysmoked

    Smoked Buffalo Jerky

  • Smoked Buffalo Jerky

    Smoked Buffalo Jerky 2.25 oz