Wild Game Jerky Sampler Gift Pack of 25

Best 20 Piece Variety Gift Pack Sticks and Jerky


Best 20 Piece Variety Gift Pack Sticks and Jerky

Product Description

The best 20-piece variety gift pack. We picked our favorite Big Bob’s Exotic Game jerky and meat sticks and for you to enjoy. The meat we use is farm-raised under strict conditions right here in the USA. This pack will get you 20 different flavors. This variety pack of jerky and meat sticks includes the following: *Alligator BBQ Jerky *Alligator Cajun Style Jerky *Alligator Cajun Style Meat Stick *Alligator Jerky Stick Mild *Beef Pemmican Jerky *Buffalo Chipotle & Garlic Flavored Jerky *Buffalo Smoked Flavored Jerky *Buffalo Mild Meat Stick *Buffalo Spicy Pepper Jerky Stick *Elk Peppered Meat Stick *Elk Hickory Smoked Jerky *Kangaroo Jerky *Kangaroo Meat Stick *Maple Duck Meat Stick *Ostrich Hickory Smoked Jerky *Pheasant Meat Stick *Venison Fire Hot Meat Stick *Venison Peppered Jerky *Wild Boar BBQ Jerky *Wild Boar BBQ Meat Stick . To ensure freshness all products are individually vacuum-sealed. 100% REAL farm-raised and USDA Inspected. Jerky is high in protein and that makes it an ideal between-meals healthy snack. This 16-piece gift pack is perfect to taste different meats and flavors while staying healthy! In the event any of the products are unavailable we will substitute with a random flavor

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Additional Information

Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in


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